5 Small Things to Help Cope During Divorce

Divorce is likely the most intense breakup you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re the one requesting the split or not, it’s a life change to separate yourself from the person you’ve called your partner. Grief and sea change affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. While of course you’ll be relying on friends, family, a therapist, and much more for support, sometimes the little things can make a big difference.

Photo by Nicolas Raymond.
Photo by Nicolas Raymond.

Try tracking down some of these five things to make each day a little easier:

  1. A song – Nearly every song on the radio is about love and a lot of them are happy or sappy. You probably aren’t in the mood for the first and the second hits a bit too close to home. What you need instead is an anthem, a power song, something that will help you get up and face each day in this new life. Do an online search of “best songs to listen to after a breakup” for some great ideas.
  2. A quote – You don’t have to go digging through quotations websites, but you can if that will help. Otherwise, you’re likely to find inspiration through social media, where people often share quotes. Maybe one out there will hit home. If you find it, write it down and hang it somewhere visible.
  3. A food – Emotional upheaval often makes eating difficult. If your stomach is in knots, how are you supposed to eat? Find something you can turn to on days when you just can’t bear to eat anything. Softer foods like smoothies or a bowl of soup often work well.
  4. A hobby – Exercise is a great idea because it produces endorphins. Besides, it’s satisfying to look fantastic next time you bump into your ex. But if that’s not your thing, find something new to try. Your hobby can be a craft (quilting, knitting), a sport (curling, anyone?), or learning a new language. Choose something you find interesting and dive into it.
  5. A distraction/a plan – Start planning a trip or an adventure. Whether it’s overnight camping with your kids or an international getaway with your girlfriends, having something to look forward to is a great way to get through the bad days.

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