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3 Reasons To Consider a Divorce Workshop or Therapy During Your Divorce

“Divorce is difficult.” “It’s good to talk to someone.” Blah, blah, blah, right? When going through divorce, friends and family might recommend you speak to a therapist or attend a divorce workshop.

But you’re thinking: (a) I can get through this on my own, (b) I don’t need to spend money talking to someone. I have friends and family, (c) therapy is a waste and doesn’t do anything. Maybe you think all of the above.

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Platitudes aside, divorce really IS difficult. So while you may scoff at the suggestions you “find someone to talk to,” here are some great reasons to consider doing so:

  1. We all need help sometimes. Maybe you can get through this on your own, but maybe having someone help you would be nice for a change. Besides, it often helps the healing process go faster.
  2. Better listening. We love our friends and family, and they love us. But after the 16th time you call your best friend to analyze your ex’s behavior or latest message, they might get a little tired of you. A professional won’t ever shrug you aside or interrupt your outpouring to start talking about her own life.
  3. Therapy [2] works. Divorce results in a big pool of mixed emotions. Swimming through those takes time, and it may be tough to sort out the fact that the anger you feel is not just for your ex, but for yourself.

If you’re not convinced it’s time to speak to a therapist, consider attending a divorce workshop, where you can learn more about handling the emotions of divorce in a group setting. That way you’re not the sole focus, and you may find a new friend or two, more empathetic, thanks to their own experiences.Charlie Brown therapy [3]

Many divorce workshops, like ours, also offer other education. But if you want to focus on just the emotional aspects, here are some in Raleigh and the Triangle to check out:

Know of another divorce workshop? Share it in the comments!